With the electronic hose-levelling instrument SDV-WW for microtunneling, Centerline is able to supply an economical alternative to conventional navigation systems which require a free line of sight through the whole tunnel. The system is designed for the determination of the vertical position of microtunneling machines in small diameters (> ID300mm) as well as for long-distance and elevation-sensitive drives.

Important features of our SDV-WW are the well-proven operating principle of the electronic hose-levelling instrument, the tough and reliable system layout and the user-friendly handling. The high-quality design of the electronic hose levelling instrument guarantees a reliable and precise determination of the current elevation of the drive down to the millimetre.

Furthermore, the SDV-WW shows the vertical deviation of the TBM with respect to the DTA, the inclination and roll of the machine and the current chainage of the advance numerically on a display. Especially in long-distance drives and in very small diameters, completely new perspectives are opened because – in contrast to optical measuring equipment – absolutely no visual connection is necessary between the boring machine and the starting pit.

Enormous advantages result especially for compressed-air drives with open face shields and airlock chambers behind the machine. Temperature differences inside the pipeline do not influence the measurements. The SDV-WW provides simple, autonomous, rapid and reliable navigation of Advances with an inside diameter > 300 mm. The operator receives all necessary information for the precise navigation of the machine along the vertical axis.

Productinfo SDV WW (498 Downloads)

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