Navigation system with gyro compass and electronic hose levelling instrument for curved and long-distance drives Control
In modern special underground engineering, our system technology enables the machine operator to manage his complex task without difficulties. In addition, it provides contractors and construction companies with transparency throughout the advance process and guarantees a continuous quality assurance.

The SDV 13 is a gyro based navigation system which uses a self-levelling, north-seeking gyro compass for the determination of the horizontal position and azimuth of the TBM. Two inclinometers, integrated in the Gyro compass, measure roll and inclination of the TBM. With each measurement the gyro determines the azimuth of the TBM with reference to geographic north. Based on the principle of the dead reckoning the system calculates, with help of azimuth and covered distance, the new position of the TBM.

The vertical position is precisely determined by the integrated electronic hose levelling instrument. Proper handling provided, it is basically not necessary to do check measurements for the hose level. The accuracy of this system is – independent from the driven length – always the same.

Productinfo SDV 13 (520 Downloads)

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