SDV: Systems for Navigation and Data Acquisition

Based on the complex possibilities of the CAN-BUS technology, the conception of a product line had been started capable to meet all customers´ requirements individually: the System for Navigation and Data Acquisition: SDV.

In addition to the choosen Navigation System, the Basis System SDV allows the integration of an automatic bentonite lubrication system (SDV Bento) and also the integration of a variety of further data acquisition modules. These modules include, among others, the capture and recording of pressure and extensions at main jacking station, interjack stations and steering cylinders as well as video observation (SDV Video) and ultrasonic distance measurement (SDV Ultra) for the surveillance of the excavation at open heading faces.

The modular concept guarantees an easy adaptation of the SDV to the particular requirements of underground construction projects.

The successful transmission of the substantial but also sensible CAN-BUS technology to the rough conditions of underground construction projects required a maximum of creativity and expert knowledge.

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