SDV Bento

The automatic bentonite control system SDV Bento guarantees the continuous and reliable lubrication of the pipeline independent from diameter and drive length.

While using this system the blocking of the pipeline due to insufficient lubrication can mostly be avoided.

The advantages of the automatic lubrication can be found in optimization, quality- and risk management.
In addition, less personnel on job-site is needed.

The lubrication will be done according to time interval. As an additional backup a maximum pressure is defined which prevents, that the annular gap will be loaded with too high pressure.

The bentonite valves of the SDV Bento are pneumatic valves which are activated by compressed air. The pneumatic valves are controlled by magnetic pilot valves.

In the basic version of the SDV Bento each bentonite valve controls all bentonite nozzles of one bentonite pipe at the same time that is, each bentonite pipe will be lubricated as one ring.

Meanwhile there is also an extension to the basic version available. Here a so-called daughter valve will be attached to the bentonite valve at each bentonite pipe. The daughter valve is a double valve which enables to supply each nozzle separately with bentonite. This guarantees that each nozzle inside one bentonite pipe receives the same amount of bentonite. Thus the bentonite will be distributed equally inside the annular gap.

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