The SDV LSW system combines different methods which have separately proven themselves over the past years: the laser beam for the determination of the TBM position and the electronic hose water level for the determination of the absolute altitude.

The use of the comparatively simple, reliable and furthermore cost-effective laser-target-systems allow straight drives up to 400m, provided that a high-quality laser is used. The precision of those systems is, however, restricted by the phenomenon of refraction, a mostly vertically affecting deflection of the laser beam by horizontally lain layers of air in the pipeline.

In extreme cases, this refraction, frequently occurring at the first metres of altitude levelling, leads to large deviations. The SDV LSW system developed by CENTERLINE GmbH faces this problem.

The electronic hose water level which continuously calculates and displays the altitude of the TBM plus the information received from the active target unit allows the precise navigation of the TBM in both directions, horizontal and vertical.

Product-info: SDV LSW (2582 downloads )

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